SYNTIVIA requires active ingredients to be increasingly efficient, as does the current cosmetics market. We therefore optimize cosmetic active ingredients using effective and customized encapsulation systems to deliver your active cosmetic ingredient when and where you need its efficiency.

transmission electron microscope analysis of Microphere delivery systemVisualization of particles using transmission electron microscopy:
the example illustrates Vitamine E encapsulation in microspheres

The cosmetics market constantly needs to tackle new challenges to face up to new consumer expectations. The development of cosmetics is impacted by a wide range of factors, including climate change, pollution, skin disease and the aging population. Nowadays, consumers are more concerned and more attentive to their skin appearance and health. They are looking for new innovations that improve the efficiency of the cosmetics they apply. Consequently, new cosmetic ingredients need to be optimized to their maximum potential. Encapsulation allows to control and improve the delivery system of cosmetic ingredients in order to potentialy increase their effects on the human skin.

According to the article published by Cosmetic Design, “Here’s how the market for personal care delivery systems is performing globally”, the market for skin care delivery systems will be growing exponentially. By 2020, it will top $543 million.

Skin care delivery systems are the scientific answer to deliver on consumer expectations. Customers need to see the results promised by the marketing teams of new active ingredients: “an increased awareness about potential applications of personal care products in the treatment of skin and hair diseases is also contributing to the growth of this market”.

The skin and hair care segments of the cosmetics market are becoming increasingly important for encapsulated delivery systems such as liposomes, microcapsules, millicapsules… These sophisticated delivery systems are increasing product performance while stabilizing active ingredients or while delivering them to the skin or hair in a controlled manner.

By optimizing encapsulation, SYNTIVIA offers improved delivery systems that potentiate the activity, stability and skin penetration of active ingredients. Syntivia uses microspheres, microliposomes, nano-emultions and micro-emultions.

Zetasier size analysis of Microphere delivery system

Analysis of particle stability using Zetasizer
Just prepared (blue), After 1 year (red) and After 2 years (green)

After 2 years, the microspheres remain intact and maintain a size between 100 and 200 nm.

Syntivia’s encapsulation technology has many applications. Should you be interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.