SYNTIVIA helps you obtain the results you need

  • We provide creative and innovative solutions for manufacturers of cosmetic active ingredients as well as for established cosmetic brands
  • Design the cosmetics of the future in full compliance with all applicable international regulations.

Our Values


Tool and cost optimization are at the heart of our business and our success. SYNTIVIA goes the limit to ensure you obtain the results you need.


icone-mission-2Creative innovation

Innovation and creativity are the driving forces behind the cosmetic industry and behind SYNTIVIA. We choose to leave downtrodden paths behind and find new
solutions to make sure you stand out.



Our team is composed of experts from various disciplines to ensure we deliver creative cross-disciplinary answers to our customers. Our experts work in close
collaboration so that our solutions are both innovative and scientifically



SYNTIVIA is a B2B company that focuses on cosmetic innovation. We work according to a very strict confidentiality policy and never communicate about
our customers without their written authorization. All your projects, data and
research are treated with the utmost discretion by our entire team.