Syntivia uses state-of-the-art equipment to help your cosmetic research on the right track. Besides our tools for the biological analysis of active ingredients and formulas, we have a wide range of tools for the chemical analysis and development of new cosmetics. Whether your project requires synthesis, analysis, purification or mixture separation, whether you need to validate chemical structures or define particle size and presence, you can rely on our hi-tech tools and equipment:

  • Chemistry tool SLT Paralel Synthesizer – Chemspeed
  • Parallel chemistry synthesis SLT chemspeed automaton reactors
  • Chemistry tool : SLT Paralel Synthesizer – Chemspeed

SLT Paralel Synthesizer – Chemspeed

Rapid synthesis, optimization of chemical process

This automated parallel synthesizer helps to synthesize molecule libraries and allows up to 64 simultaneous reactions. All steps in the process are automated to limit human intervention and save time: sample preparation, weighing, reactions from -20 à to 130°C under pressure or using inert gas, treatment, filtration, extraction.

SWave Robotic Platform – Chemspeed

Very high debit synthesis for improved efficiency.

This is a software-driven robotic platform designed for automated microwave-assisted synthesis workflows. It reduces reaction times by a factor of 10 to 100 and saves energy. The platform is compatible with the SLT parallel synthesizer

  • automated microwave-assisted synthesis - SWave Robotic Platform – Chemspeed
  • improved synthesis process by SWave Robotic Platform Chemspeed Automated chemical reaction
  • chemical analysis LC/MS Auto Purification System–Waters
  • chemical analysis: LC/MS Auto Purification System–Waters

LC/MS Auto Purification System–Waters

Automated and highly efficient analysis and purification

We use this high throughput system to identify, characterize, treat and purify organic molecules and biomolecules. The equipment may be used alone or in combination with our automated synthesis platforms.

Combiflash –Waters

Automated separation of mixtures

Automated flash chromatographic purification for up to 5 purifications without human assistance.

  • chemical analysis: Flash chromatography_Automated separation of mixtures
  • RMN analysis tool Bruker 500 ultrashield analysis tool

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Validation of chemical structures

This is a more classic method to control the structure of synthesized components


Control of particle presence in formulas

This instrument uses the technique of Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) to characterize molecules in a suspension and determine their size (from nanometer to micrometer)

  • Chemical analysis : Particule analysis by zetasizer malvern
  • Chemical analysis Zetasizer Nano ZS - Malvern Instruments