An innovative and highly scientific approach

Syntivia researches the cosmetic validity of the claim of your choice using custom in vitro tests. Research is our core business: our transdisciplinary experts will help you define new biological models of interest to illustrate potential cosmetic activities for your ingredient or formula. We can identify new targets for any given activity.

Before we study the biological activity of your ingredient or formula, it is essential that we understand your needs and determine the cosmetic activity you are looking for.

Our initial research sets your project up for success.

We make suggestions on:

  • An innovative biomarker for specific skin activity
  • An unexplored biological target for the cosmetic industry
  • A specific operating mode or particular test conditions
  • A new skin model to demonstrate a particular biological activity

For customers who have very specific requests for their cosmetic R&D project, the custom in vitro tests Syntivia develops for their account become the full property of our customers. Our cosmetic experts also conduct advanced research and validate the experimental set-up for any specific tests we develop.

As not all cosmetic R&D projects require the development of custom in vitro tests, we also offer more well-known in vitro tests when appropriate. Please do not hesitate to visit our webpage or contact us for more details.

Our prior research will enable us to identify : 

The most appropriate study protocol for the targeted activity

  • The best test conditions to optimize results

The tests that are most adapted to your project: unique or specific tests, larger screening procedures on several targets or several products in parallel

  • The most relevant biological models: Cells in culture, spheroids or skin explants


Our high-tech equipment provides :

  • Very specific data or a wide range of information on the targeted markers
  • Reliable statistics and data

2D images, videos and 3D static and dynamic images for your sales and technical documentation

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