Syntivia conducts in vitro cosmetic tests on active ingredients and cosmetic formulas. Our trans-disciplinary experts choose from a wide range of hi-tech scientific tools to help you define the effect and activities of your cosmetic molecule, ingredient or formula.

At Syntivia, we like to think before we act. To make sure our in vitro cosmetic tests and studies yield the best results possible, our experts determine the best study conditions for your cosmetic ingredient or formula and validate the ideal study protocol prior to your trials.

We use our biological screening techniques to determine the activity of individual cosmetic molecules, active ingredients or complete formulas. Our hi-tech tools and techniques help you obtain reliable and well-documented scientific proof on your product’s cosmetic activities and effects.

Our biological screening techniques can also be used in combination with more focused biological tests to substantiate your cosmetic claims. Cosmetic manufacturers are required to comply with all applicable legal restrictions and regulations on the labelling of cosmetic products.

Syntivia can help you obtain the required:

  • scientific proof of the cosmetic effects you claim
  • technical illustrations
  • marketing documentation.

Whether your product prevents the signs of aging, moisturizes, tightens or soothes, whether it clears the skin, improves skin pigmentation or adresses an entirely new cosmetic audience, Syntivia provides the data, the experts and the know-how you need.