SYNTIVIA uses a wide range of techniques to determine the effects of your cosmetic ingredient or formula on the human skin. Our biological screening techniques aim to study the biological actions of active ingredients and formulas on primary human cells, proteins and genes.

Biological screening can also be used to identify innovative active ingredients or new approaches to market your product. During our tests, we generally incorporate innovative targets in our chips to help your research move forward. Introducing unexplored targets may help to identify new paths for your cosmetic ingredient or formula. Generally, we aim for new genes that have never been used in cosmetics prior to our research. This strategy helps you on your way to explore new paths and lay the groundwork for an innovative marketing approach.

Our biological screening techniques include both cosmetogenomic and cell screening. We generally combine both in order to study gene response and subsequently refine and validate the results at protein level. This allows us to obtain vast amounts of reliable data on the entire range of biological mechanisms (melanogenesis, senescence, dermal matrix renewal,…). The data are treated and collected by our experts to guide your product development and illustrate your technical and marketing documentation.

To cover the entire range of potential biological effects your ingredient and formula may have, we only use state-of-the-art tools during our screening procedures. Our automated microscope allows to conduct several experiments at the same time. We can study proteins located in the same area, pick a wide range of known dermal proteins, compare the response of dermal proteins to epidermal proteins, etc.

Please click on the frame of your choice below for more information on cosmetogenomic and live cell screening. Should you have further questions or have a more specific request in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us.