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Philippe Bedos Co-founder & CEO

Philippe Bedos, PhD

Co-founder & Managing Director

Celine Damez Co-founder & Chemistry Manager

Céline Damez, PhD

Co-founder &  Chemistry Manager

Karl Lintner Associate & Strategic Council

Karl Lintner, PhD

Associate & Strategic Council

Claire Leduc, PhD

R&D Business Developer & Marketing Manager

Oriane Bombarde, PhD

Research Biology Manager

Emilie Petit R&D Extraction Manager

Emilie Petit, PhD

R&D Extraction Manager

Tony Garnier, PhD

Chemistry Project Manager

Sophie Abadie PhD student

Sophie Abadie, PhD

Biology Project Manager

Sarah Grosjean

Biology Project Manager

Céline Fournet

Regulatory & Quality Manager

Clemence Taupier Formulation Manager

Clémence Taupier

Formulation Consulting