Syntivia’s equipment for the biological analysis of cosmetic ingredients and formulas comprises state-of-the-art microscopes and flow cytometers that allow a wide range of tests and evaluations, yield reliable data and provide 2D and 3D illustrations as well as videos to illustrate your technical documents.

  • Biological analysis tool single plane illumination microscopy: Melanocyte surfacing
  • Biological analysis tool single plane illumination microscopy: epidermal spheroid
  • Biological Analysis Tool SPIM single plane illumination microscopy: melanin transfer in epidermal spheroid by single plane illumination microscopy
  • Biological analysis tools: In depth analysis of skin explant by single plane illumination microscopy

SPIM Single Plan Illumination Microscope

Static and Dynamic 3D images for in-depth analysis

This next generation microscope obtains exclusive 3D images and opens up a wide range of new perspectives for biological observation as it enables to visualize structures in three dimensions. It is a truly unique tool that visualizes the tissue organization and structure of biological models through optical section without physically altering the studied skin models, spheroids… The cell imaging system uses plane illumination, fluorescence, optical sectioning and multi-view acquisition.

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Biphotonic Microscope – Zeiss

High definition 3D images with precise quantification of fluorescent markers

This microscope allows in-depth sample analysis, reliable quantification of fluorescent markers and produces high quality 2D and 3D images. We use this tool to test active ingredients or cosmetic formulas on human skin models. It allows high definition and high contrast optical sections for in-depth analysis.

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  • Biological analysis tool: Melanine transfer in keratinocytes by biphotonic microscopy
  • Biological analysis tool: melanin transfer in a melanocyte keratinocyte coculture
  • Biological analysis tool Biphoton confocal microscopy l: Immunofluorescence of Collagene 1 in skin explant
  • Cosmetogenomic screening chip
  • Biological analysis tool Biomark
  • Biological analysis tool Biomark : genomic ship gene expression results
  • Biological analysis tool Biomark: genomic ship microfluidic technology

Cosmetogenomic Chip / Quantitative PCR – Biomark – Fluidigm

This high-tech tool based on microfluidic technology can obtain a large amount of data while allowing flexible conditions and precise quantification of gene expression. The system’s technology is robust and yields reliable statistics on a wide range of targeted genes. Cosmetogenomic chips are especially useful when testing active ingredients on cell models or cosmetic formulations on human skin models. Syntivia also offers a especially designed genomic chip for targeted studies. We use this highly sensitive and very powerful tool for real time quantitative PCR. It uses microfluidic technology (allowing for small nl-size volumes) to quantify genic expression for 48 to 96 conditions x 48 to 96 genes

Arrayscan Automated Microscope – HCA/HCS – Cellomics

2D imaging, large amount of data, flexible conditions, precise quantification of visible or fluorescent markers

This high tech tool releases a large amount of data on fluorescent cell markers (proteins, free radicals, DNA…) while ensuring total measurement objectivity. The statistics and 2D images obtained are highly reliable. The Arrayscan automated fluorescence microscope limits human intervention and yields reliable results on 96 conditions in parallel. It enables the kinetic visualization of biomarkers or changes in morphology.

  • Biological analysis tool arrayscan Cellomics: Peri-nuclear protein quantification
  • Biological Analysis Tool Arrayscan Cellomics: Cytoplamic protein quantification
  • Biological analysis tool Arrayscan cellomics automated microscope
  • Protein expression Quantification by immunofluorescence in 96 wells plate by Arrayscan cellomics automated microscopy
  • Biologival analysis by Immunofluorescence labeling of protein, quantifyed by Arrayscan Cellomics
  • Biological anlysisi tools: Flow cytometer Macsquant - Miltenyi: protein expression quantifyed by flow cytometry

Flow Cytometer – MACSQuant – Miltenyi

Vast amount of data, higly reliable statistics

Flow cytometry offers an interesting alternative to fluorescence microscopy, as it is highly sensitive to an important number of elements. Flow cytometry makes it possible to obtain a large amount of sensitive data on a large number of cells. The resulting statistics are extremely reliable.

AFM Atomic Force Microscope – AFM

3D imaging, surface characterization, nanometric precision

This highly effective microscope characterizes inert or living cell surfaces at atom level. The data obtained are extremely precise and give essential information about surface roughness, elasticity or rigidity. We use this tool to study hair care products, nail polish and cell surface. The data obtained are extremely precise and are accompanied by high definition 3D image

  • Atomic Force Microscopy AFM demal Fibroblast - Skin cells surface analysis
  • AFM Atomic Force Microscopy demal fibroblaste surface microrelief analysis
  • Biological Analysis Tool atomic force microscopy AFM : hair roughness curves
  • Biologicl analysis tool: Analysis carryed out by Atomic Force Microscope AFM
  • Biological Analysis Tool atomic force microscopy AFM :3D representation of hair
  • Biological analysis tool atomic force microscopy: hair structure