Collaborations and partnerships

Institute of Advanced Life Science Technology (ITAV)

SYNTIVIA shares its premises with the ITAV institute for advanced Life Science at the Pierre Potier Center in Toulouse. Our proximity has enabled several innovative collaborative projects on new and pertinent biological models and original testing methods.


GENOSKIN is the supplier of an innovative human skin model that we use during some of our testing procedures. The NativeSkin® skin model allows us to test your active ingredients or cosmetic formulas on donated skin biopsies that are kept alive for up to 7 days in order to enable repeated topical application for your cosmetic ingredient or formula. The NativeSkin® model bridges the gap between in vitro testing and clinical studies.


Toulouse Tech Transfer is a company that strives to transfer technology used in public research to private companies while adapting it to their specific needs. Syntivia has worked in close collaboration with TTT, which led to the development of a new human skin model that opens up a wide range of new study perspectives


SYNTIVIA is a member of COSMED, the most important network of small and medium-sized cosmetic companies in France. With more than 675 members, Cosmed is a key player in the French cosmetic industry.

Biomedical Alliance

SYNTIVIA is an active member of Biomedical Alliance, an association that brings together the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic companies of the Southern French Midi-Pyrenees region.

European Union 

SYNTIVIA has received the support of the European Union for the development of active ingredients

Sollice Biotech

SOLLICE BIOTECH is a French manufacturer of active cosmetic ingredients that works in close collaboration with SYNTIVIA to study, create and develop new active ingredients before putting them into production.