The cosmetic industry is becoming increasingly aware that cosmetic claims have lost their appeal and credibility with consumers over the years. At the upcoming NY SCC, award-winning Dr Karl Lintner1 will expose his vision on cosmetic innovation. A demonstration of how to recapture your audience through a newly emerged claim in the cosmetics market: the customer’s sense of well-being.

Wrinkle reduction, complex bioactivity, DNA protection, telomerase stimulation, skin repair,… Many a consumer has become sceptic towards the results cosmetics have to offer. They feel their products don’t deliver and turn to alternative methods and products to obtain the benefits they want.

Everyone in the cosmetic industry understands the need to recapture this audience. Making customers feel good provides a whole new angle to cosmetic research and offers a completely new approach to cosmetic marketing. At the 70th scientific meeting of the American Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC), Dr Lintner provides practical solutions on how to recover your cosmetic audience by improving the sense of well-being in consumers. His presentation will take place on December 10th, 2015.

The work presented is the result of SYNTIVIA’s innovative research and development. They concentrated their efforts on a new active ingredient found in cornflower Centaurea Cyanus, which is known for its soothing properties2. The molecule obtained goes by the name of Centcyamine and is sold by French B2B cosmetic company SOLLICE BIOTECH under CLOTHOLINE®. This new ingredient illustrates the future of cosmetics: it’s the world’s first active ingredient known to improve the sense of well-being in consumers.

SYNTIVIA’s work quantifies the improved sense of “well-being” in participants and confirms that these results are coherent with the more classical approach of in vitro and instrumental clinical studies. The future of cosmetics has arrived, with innovative ingredients that are going to make you feel good!

Karl Lintner Associate & Strategic Council

1. Dr Lintner is a chemical engineer and Doctor in biochemistry. He is an active member of the SCC (United States) and SFC (France). Dr Lintner currently works as an independent consultant, president of KAL’IDEES and chief editor of the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. He successively acted as the CSO and CEO of SEDERMA for 20 years and joined SYNTIVIA’s board of directors as a Strategic Advisor in 2010.

2. Anti-inflammatory and immunological effects of Centaurea cyanus flower-heads. Garbacki et al. J Ethnopharmacol. 1999.