Syntivia will soon attend the 2020 virtual 7th edition of Anti-ageing skin care conference (3 – 5 November 2020), to present its latest developments in ageing skin models on explants.These conferences will provide an opportunity to discuss the different aspects of ageing, new developments in skin care and new methods for evaluating anti-ageing treatments. This will allow us to have a global view of skin ageing in order to define tomorrow’s anti-ageing strategies.

new aging skin models


Dr Karl Lintner, independent consultant for the cosmetic industry (KAL’IDEES-Beauty Ideas), and Dr Claire Leduc, scientific business developer and marketing manager of Syntivia, will present their approach of the development of cosmetic active ingredients and formulas based on scientific evidence.

“A better definition of pre-clinical studies, through judicious choices of skin models and study conditions, will enable clinical tests to be anticipated more reliably in order to optimise the obtaining of convincing results”.

Two new ageing skin models

During their conference entitled From petri dish to pre-clinical for predicting clinical results, they will present two new ageing skin models. These models are based on human skin explants, explants that have been subjected to various alterations to mimic natural skin ageing. As different skin compartments are targeted, this also makes it possible to evaluate the activity of cosmetic active ingredients and products more precisely, to focus on a sigle aspect of ageing.

“It is not always easy to detect differences in activity on healthy tissue. We have chosen to target key proteins located in different compartments of the skin in order to unbalance the skin physiology.

The homeostasis of the tissue, thus altered, makes it easier to study a repairing effect of the active ingredients, formulas or cosmetic products.”

Come and discover how we have developed our models, and if you would like more information or would like to discuss with our research team to define your own skin models, please do not hesitate to contact us.