Scientific proof your nail polish lasts longer and improves nail strength

Nail polish products often claim shock resistance, nail strengthening properties and aim to last longer  without chipping. SYNTIVIA’s high tech equipment now allows you to substantiate and illustrate this claim.


Our approach in 4 simple steps

In order to test your nail polish, we use the formula you supply, which may be the finished product or a trial formula that contains a new active ingredient for testing purposes.


In order to help you validate your nail polish properties, SYNTIVIA may suggest analyzing :

  • The surface roughness of your nail polish upon application
  • The elasticity and rigidity of the formula supplied : higher elasticity accounts for better shock resistance. More rigid formulas will improve nail strength.



Focused surface characterization analysis of nail polish by AFM Atomic Force Microscopy

Through our technology. You will obtain  :

  • Highly precise data on the supplied nail polish samples
  • An expert opinion on the results obtained
  • Extremely precise 3D images for your sales and technical documents.


Atomic Force Microscope / AFM

This high-performing microscope enables to measure the exact surface of your nail polish samples at atom level. The data obtained are extremely precise and are accompanied by high definition 3D images.

Learn more about our AFM Atomic Force Microscope.


High Technology Tools skin analysis
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