Skin care products that act on a deeper level

Some cosmetic products can reach lower-lying skin layers and have an effect on cells at the basis of the epidermis or dermis. This makes the skin appear healthier, better hydrated or more youthful. Products that can achieve this effect, often claim to be :

  • Moisturizing
  • Revitalizing
  • Restructuring
  •   …

Syntivia’s hi-tech experts use different methods to analyze the penetration absorption of your active ingredient or formula into the skin to validate its cosmetic effect. We also provide high quality illustrations for your scientific and marketing teams.

Our approach in 5 simple steps

We can measure the penetration depth and rate of your active ingredient or cosmetic formula that will be used for: skin moisturizers, hydrating lotions and creams, restructuring creams, revitalizing formulas…


To determine whether your ingredient or product has a moisturizing or hydrating effect on human skin, we suggest our most adapted biological model to this effect :

  • Human skin model. We use the NativeSkin® model, a full-thickness human skin biopsy embedded in a solid and nourishing matrix while its epidermal surface is left in contact with air. The skin biopsy is firmly embedded in the matrix that prevents any lateral diffusion of topically applied formulations.



Nativeskin, innovative human skin model for penetration test

With regard to penetration and moisturizing, SYNTIVIA often focuses on the migration of fluorescent markers.


Skin Penetration of encapsulated Nile red in skin explant Nativeskin

Our high-tech equipment allows you to obtain :

  • An expert view on the results obtained
  • Reliable data and statistics
  • 2D images and videos and 3D static and dynamic images for your sales and technical documentation


Selective Plane Illumination Microscope / SPIM

This next generation microscope obtains exclusive 3D images. It’s a truly unique tool that visualizes the tissue organization and structure of biological models through optical section without physically altering the studied skin models, spheroids….

More information on Syntivia’s Selective Plane Illumination Microscope


Biphotonic Microscope 

This microscope allows in-depth sample analysis, reliable quantification of fluorescent markers and produces high quality 2D and 3D images. We use this tool to test active ingredients or cosmetic formulas on human skin models 

More information on the Biphotonic Microscope



High Technology Tools skin analysis
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