Slimming firming cosmetics drain the skin & reduce cellulite appearance

Cosmetics that aim to act against cellulite and diminish the volume of adipose tissue in the skin claim a slimming firming effect. Related cosmetic claims are:

  • Anti-cellulite
  • Draining
  • Slimming, firming or silhouette refining
  • ….

Syntivia’s cosmetic experts use hi-tech tools to assess the efficiency of your cosmetic ingredient or formula.

Our approach in 4 simple steps

We study the slimming or firming effect of active ingredients used in slimming gel and cream, anti-cellulite lotions and creams, firming body lotions…


To determine whether your ingredient or product has a slimming or firming effect on human skin, SYNTIVIA offers in vitro tests on 2 different biological models:

  • Primary cell human pre-adipocytes and adipocytes isolated from healthy adipose tissue
  • Murine pre-adipocyte cell lines


We always pick the biological model that is most adapted to your research.


Biological models adipocytes for slimming and firming tests: Primary human pre-adipocytes, adipocytes

With regard to slimming effects, SYNTIVIA may suggest:

  • Lipolysis : through the dosing of cell-liberated glycerol
  • Lipogenesis : dosing of the incorporation of non metabolic glucose
  • Adipocyte differentiation : either visually of via triglyceride dosing
  • Gene expression of adipocyte metabolism, adipokines, cell browning …


SYNTIVIA always helps you orient your research towards results. We deliver:

  • An expert opinion on the results obtained
  • Reliable data and statistics
  • Images that can be used in your sales and technical documents

For research on slimming or firming effects, we use the more robust molecular biology techniques in order to complete your project and obtain adequate results.


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