Tanning whitening cosmetics that lighten or tan human skin

The tanning whitening claim groups all cosmetics that have an effect on skin pigmentation and allow to either obtain a summer glow or to brighten the skin and clear darker pigment spots. Related cosmetic claims :

  • Self-tanning
  • Tanning
  • Healthy glow
  • Photo-protection
  • Dark spot correction
  • Skin whitening
  • Skin brightening

Our approach in 5 simple steps

We test the effects active ingredients or formulas may have on skin pigmentation when used in solar creams and lotions, skin whitening, brightening and lightening cosmetic products, tanning lotions, dark spot corrector serums and lotions, skin corrector serums….


To determine whether your ingredient or cosmetic product has an effect on skin pigmentation, SYNTIVIA offers in vitro tests on 3 different biological models:

  • Primary cells, human melanocytes in a 2D culture and co-culture melanocytes and keratinocytes from skin of different photo-types.
  • Epidermal microtissue, primary keratinocytes and melanocytes in spheroid 3D-culture which reflects the human skin microenvironment more adequately.
  • Human skin explants from young to mature donors. We use the NativeSkin® model, a full-thickness human skin biopsy embedded in a solid and nourishing matrix while its epidermal surface is left in contact with air. The skin biopsy is firmly embedded in the matrix that prevents any lateral diffusion of topically applied formulations.


We always pick the biological model that seems most adapted to your research.


Biological models for pigmentation test: Melanocytes NHEM in culture, epidermal spheroid, skin explant Nativeskin

We do everything to optimize your product evaluation. Our expertise often helps us to suggest new test targets.

To study effect on skin pigmentation, herewith some examples of what we can follow:

  • Melanocyte and keratinocyte metabolism
  • Melanin production
  • Expression of proteins and genes implicated in melanogenesis
  • Melanin transfer
  • Dendricity



pigmentation skin in vitro test : melanin transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes in coculture

Depending on the tests and tools used, our high-tech equipment will enable you to obtain:

  • A large quantity of data on melanin rates, on the genes and proteins implicated in melanogenesis, on the interaction of cells involved in skin pigmentation
  • An expert opinion on the results obtained
  • Reliable data and statistics
  • 2D photos and videos as well as 3D static and dynamic images for your sales brochures and technical documents.


The best life science tools available to study effects on skin pigmentation

To substantiate your cosmetic brightening or tanning claim, we have access to a wide range of high-tech biotechnology equipment that allows us to obtain results.

When required SYNTIVIA also uses the more common techniques of molecular biology, such as Western Blot, ELISA, enzymatic assay, melanin quantification through colorimetry/absorbancy … in order to complete your project and help you obtain adequate results.


High Technology Tools skin analysis
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