Céline Damez, SYNTIVIA’s chemistry manager, attended the European Dermocosmetology Days on May 28th & 29th, 2015, an event organized by the European Center of Dermocosmetology (ECD) in French Lyon.

As ECD focussed on New Plant Chemistry this year, Céline presented SYNTIVIA’s innovative strategy to develop cosmetic ingredients combining click chemistry and green chemistry using a new generation of automated robots for synthesis.

automated microwave-assisted synthesisSLT Parallel Synthesizer – Chemspeed

One of our lines of research involves automatic parallelization of “one-pot” synthesis. Within the context of green chemistry and click chemistry, this efficient tool provides new chemical entities which will be screened for biological activity in a medium through-put fashion. The goal is to regularly offer new and innovative compounds and active cosmetics of plant-based origin. With this tool, it is also possible to screen different protocols and rapidly identify “eco-friendly” processes to replace conventional chemical processes.

screening of synthesis processes using SLT Paralel Synthesizer – ChemspeedExample of synthesis process optimization using a green solvent:
Eight alternative green solvents were screened in one single run.

This new generation of automatic synthesis robots (Accelerator SLT106 – Chemspeed Technologies) enables the creation of molecular libraries. This device recreates classical synthetic conditions, in an automated and parallel manner (reagent preparation, reaction with control of the reaction conditions: temperature, pressure, inert gas … and of work-up). This tool potentially supports all processes authorized by the environmental guidelines.

Thanks to this technology, SYNTIVIA has already designed and produced several libraries containing molecules derived from natural compounds, in particular natural phenols. The selection of these compounds, such as derivatives hydroxybenzaldehydes (vanillin family) or cinnamic acids (caffeic acid family), was made due to, among other things, their antioxidant activities. These molecules were coupled to different functional groups with complementary activities of natural origin to create active ingredients with new and stronger activities.

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