NeoVirTech collaborates with Syntivia to develop a pipeline for the measurement of antiviral activities on living human skin explant.

Syntivia Neovitech Collaboration

A strong partnership

NeoVirTech is a biotechnology company developing autofluorescent viruses for imaging and antiviral discovery. The company has developed the ANCHORTM technology. It allows live cell imaging of virus infection, replication and propagation. The company has been highlighted by the PharmaTechOutlook magazine in the Top 10 drug discovery company in Europe in 2019.

Syntivia is specialized in the research & development of active ingredients or molecules in cosmetic and dermatology fields. We design and conducts preclinical evaluations to demonstrate the efficacy of active compounds.

A part of our expertise is based on our solid knowledge of skin physiology and our creativity in validating new study models.

The combination of our skills has enabled us to develop a model dedicated to the evaluation of products targeting viruses applied to the surface of the skin.


A proven study model

autofluorescence Virus

We have used living human skin samples. We artificially contaminated them with an autofluorescent virus. Following skin adsorption and treatment with antiviral product we can quantify the number of infectious particles. In parallel, the impact of the product applied is evaluated on the skin structure and viability. We provide here an unprecedented relationship between viral disinfection potential and impact on the skin.


virucidal product evaluation on the skin

Protocol of virus and product application: Evaluation of the antiviral effect and safety of the skin

This protocol gives a 24-hour answer on the effectiveness of your products on virus on the skin.

antiviral effect on the skin

Quantification of infectious and replicating particles: Cells containing auto-fluorescent viral particles are quantified by automated microscopy (Thermo Scientific CellInsight CX7 high content screening microscope). More than 4000 cells are analysed by sample.

The hand sanitizer we tested reduced the percentage of infected cells down to 3.5%. Our results show that it is crucial not to dilute hydroalcoholic solutions in order to preserve their efficacy on viruses on the surface of the skin.

Skin study

Structural analysis of the skin explants: after histological staining Masson trichrome (left) and immunohistochemistry Decorin in green, Elastin in red, Nuclei in blue (right).

Syntivia brings its expertise to analyse the effect of antiviral solutions on the human skin itself. Indeed, it is well known that the repeated daily use of sanitizers, de such as hydroalcoholic solutions, can deeply dehydrate the skin and create discomfort. Our histological and immunochemical analysis show that the hydroalcoholic solution does not have a deleterious effect on the skin, which structural integrity is preserved.

We are glad to be able to offer tailored studies to our clients for the evaluation of their products.  They are needed more than ever to ensure efficacy and user security. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!